Revitalization of the railway line no. 410 and loading points at the Złocieniec station


Preparation of design documentation and execution of works for the project titled “Revitalization of the railway line no. 410 and loading points at the Złocieniec station”.

Project value: over PLN 135,000,000 net.
Implementation period: from 02.2019 to 11.2026.


PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe S.A.


Since February 2019, as part of the investment, works have been carried out on the single-track railway line no. 410 from km 61.164 to km 116.716, along with the accompanying infrastructure, railway traffic control devices, non-traction power supply, telecommunications, and engineering structures.

The implementation of the task aims to ensure full logistical security for the needs of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Poland (ensuring freight transport services for three military railway sidings on the aforementioned line). This includes, among others, replacing the track surface, including rails, railway sleepers, and ballast over a length of 55.165 km, replacing 5 railway turnouts, including one at the Złocieniec station, one on the Wierzchowo Pomorskie – Mirosławiec route, three at the Drawno station, removing 12 existing turnouts, demolishing the side ramp at the Złocieniec station, constructing a front-side ramp at track no. 5 at the Złocieniec station, and building a loading yard at track no. 11 at the Złocieniec station.

Additionally, as part of the task, road works are planned, including the modernization of 43 railway crossings: 25 category D crossings, 15 crossings changing from category D to F or for removal, 1 crossing changing from category D to A, 1 crossing changing from category A to B, and the construction of 1 railway crossing. In the engineering structures sector, construction works are being carried out on 57 engineering structures, including the renovation of 14 structures, demolition and construction of 20 engineering structures, removal of 22 structures, and the creation of 17 French drains in place of some of the removed structures.