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Renewable energy sources (RES)

Over the last few years a huge transformation in the energy field has been noticeable. In this process the aim is to become independent of fossil fuels and switch to more energy-efficient processes.

Renewable energy sources are becoming increasingly popular and play an important role in the energy field. We are aware of the importance of having energy available at all times, regardless of weather conditions or the season. To meet these expectations, SBM offers the construction of photovoltaic farms and energy storage facilities.

Energy industry

Energy sector – power plants / CHP plants

We have our own team of engineers with many specialisations and long-lasting experience. The main aim of our company is to ensure that every project is in line with modern technology, which will translate into high quality of the completed project.

SBM’s portfolio includes services in the field of LV, MV, and HV electrical systems, industrial lighting of facilities including emergency and evacuation power supply, complete installation of Control and Instrumentation (C&I) with final acceptance procedures, telecommunications services and control wiring systems, as well as surveillance systems.

Energy industry

Energy sector – railway energy systems

We focus on modern solutions and our own innovative designs.

We work hand in hand with an experienced expert dealing with AC traction substation engineering and functional and utility programmes. We have also established a partnership with a company with many years of experience in the construction of 2 × 25 kV AC traction substations for high-speed rail. We additionally design power supply systems connected to the National Power System.

Energy industry