Revitalization of the railway line no. 285 on the section Wrocław Główny – Świdnica Przedmieście


Development of design documentation and execution of construction works within the project titled “Revitalization of the railway line no. 285 on the section Wrocław Główny – Świdnica Przedmieście together with line no. 771 Świdnica Przedmieście – Świdnica Miasto”.

Project value: over PLN 216,000,000 net.
Implementation period: from 06.2019 to 08.2022.


PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe S.A.


As part of the task, nearly 58 km of railway lines were rebuilt, including the Kobierzyce, Sobótka Zachodnia, Świdnica Przedmieście stations, and the passing loop in Bielany Wrocławskie, as well as passenger stops Wrocław Wojszyce, Wrocław Partynice, Domasław, Wierzbice, Pustków Żurawski, Rogów Sobócki, Sobótka, Szczepanów, Marcinowice, and Pszenno. At these stations, new platforms were built, adapted to serve passengers with reduced mobility. Platforms were equipped with shelters, passenger resting areas, information boards and display cases, and lighting. Additionally, in Sobótka and Świdnica Przedmieście, existing wooden shelters of historical value were renovated.
Repairs or reconstructions of over 100 engineering structures were carried out, including 18 bridges and viaducts, and 46 railway crossings. Out of these, 22, classified into category B or C, were secured with automatic signaling devices and integrated into a remote control system.

The safety of railway traffic is ensured by a new relay-computer-based traffic control system based on axle counters and semi-automatic line blocking on route sections. Throughout the entire section, new wired and wireless communication systems were also built. For the installation of new control devices, renovations were carried out in the rooms of the Sobótka Zachodnia and Świdnica Przedmieście signal boxes.

A number of electro-energy works were also carried out, such as the construction of new connections together with cable power lines supplying new railway traffic control automation devices, automatic crossing signals, electric switch setting and heating, platform lighting, railway crossings, and switch points of stations and passing loops.